Property Finance is a key element of our business


Foreign buyers or investors seeking UK Mortgage finance, is the exception rather than the rule and the UK mortgage
market is not typically designed to facilitate finance for non-domiciled applicants.

We have identified a wanting gap in the market here and have uniquely sourced working partnerships with specialist
Brokers and Lenders to deliver this service. We also continue to work at expanding and diversifying the financing options available to our clients.

Our brokers have a track record and a knack for difficult cases buying in the UK from different parts of the world. (what is generally referred to as non-status mortgages). They work with that creative nous, out-of-the box thinking to present the best business case possible and deliver a solution for the client.

Our approach is to fully understand the client’s profile and requirements and then to set a target of utilising the necessary professional sklls to achieve the most suitable most finance deal to suit the client.